„Rusty & Las Vegas Band“ - Republic Salzburg 2012

Sept. 29th 2012- a Mega-Rusty Concert

SN-Bericht: A holiday for all ELVIS fans!

If we were to believe the lasting rumors that Elvis could still be alive, he would be 77 years by now and would definitely not look so good in his legendary glittersuits.

Not as good as the probably most famous Elvis Tribute artist, Rusty, born in Lungau Austria. On Saturday, September 29th 2012, he performed the most popular King of Rock and Roll's Las Vegas songs from 1970-1973.
While wearing a 14 kilogram suit on stage, Rudi Stumbeckers's Lungauer roots are not noticeable. This was not always the case and according to his companion, Kim Simpson, a former Radio-DJ from Los Angeles once said that he had to practice the american slang for many months.

Then Rusty won the most important imitator contest in Palm Springs as the first and up to now only non-american out of 4000 Elivs impersonators.

Even the producer Reinhard Schwabenitzky was not shy with compliments for Rusty as he said "it's hard to say if we're here for the person or for the music." Among the guests were Wilfried Haslauer, Rudolf & Katharina Quehenberger, Konsul Dr. Cleassens mit Gattin, Christian Seewald-Jacoby, Günther Kuhn mit Gattin Irmi, Moderatorin "Servus TV" Kathi Wörndl mit Ehemann Jens, Dr. Josef Schlömicher-Thier, Anwalt Dr. Christian Mahringer and many more...

Rusty: Special thanks go out to my parents, Rudolf and Berta Stumbecker, Kim Simpson from Los Angeles, my musicians, technicians and stage photographer Uwe Brandl

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