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Rusty Gospel

At the mention of the name Elvis Presley, the first things that come to mind are the wild 50ies and Rock'n'Roll. It is true that Elvis Presley's fame stems mainly from those times. RUSTY interprets Elvis's favourite music in this show, and gives insights into Elvis as a person on the other side of the media. Born Jan. 8th 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi - twin brother Jesse Garon died at birth - raised in meagre conditions - died August 16th 1977. 

1960 - Pearl Harbor- Elvis überreichte einen Scheck über 300.000 US-Dollar an die Hinterbliebenen!

1967 - Memphis - Elvis donated 250.000 US-dollars to the Baptist-Memorial-Hospital for cancer patients. 

1969 - Elvis bought furnishings für 40 children's villages and 150 wheelchairs for the city of Nashville's handicapped. 

1973 - Aloha from Hawaii - biggest satellite transmission of all times. With a world population of 3 billion, around 1.3 million people saw this show. Elvis rounded up the income of this show - 25.000 US-dollars - to 75.000 US-dollars and donated it to the cancer research program in Hawaii.

In his life, Elvis gave away 200 cadillacs, houses and jewellery to poor people. The money he earned he mostly spent quickly on the needy.

Rusty Gospel

Quote from an interview: I am so small in this world, and we people always think we are something special, that's why I ask my god to guide me each day. It is a special concern to RUSTY to let Elvis Presley's gospel music live on. This concert takes place solely in churches. RUSTY is a huge fan and adept in this respect, he rounds off Elvis Presley's favourite religious songs with little-known data and facts about him.

A true classic!

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