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Unplugged Show

"One Night With You" was the name of the "UNPLUGGED sit down" show, June 27 1968, 18:00 hrs, in Burbank, California. After 7 years of filming and a total of 33 motion pictures, Elvis, in his black leather outfit, returned to the stage. Visibly nervous, he performed for an audience of 180 of his personal friends. On that Thursday evening at 18:00 hrs, the taping for the NBC - TV Special 1968 began.

This night was preceded by 2 months of rehearsals with 5 musicians, among them Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana (both of them were in the "Sun Records Studio" in Memphis, TN with Elvis back in July 1954 to help him record his first single, "That's All Right Mama"). The songs Elvis presented were a mixture of Hill- and Rockabilly, Rhythm and Blues, Rock 'n' Roll, Country, and, surprisingly, one Christmas Song.

Elvis, using a Gibson J200 Acoustic guitar during the NBC Special, opened the show with "That's All Right Mama". Among others, songs included "Heartbreak Hotel", "Love Me", "Baby What You Want Me To Do", "Blue Suede Shoes", "Are You Lonesome Tonight", "One Night", and "Tiger Man". The final song of the show was Mac Davies' "Memories" during which Elvis, accompanied by partial playback, reminisced about his life.

One Night With You - Back To The Roots!

is the significant title of the new Rusty show, which he rehearsed for his 10-year stage anniversary. This show is true to the original NBC - Special. There are also 5 musicians, lead guitarist Ernst Galler was with Rusty during his first recordings. Rusty plays the same original Gibson J200 Acoustic guitar, which is certifiably from that time. After 10 successful years of performing on stage, for Rusty "Back To The Roots" means becoming aware of his own roots in music, which he conveys in his "Unplugged" show.

Among others, the following songs are included in the show:

  • That´s All Right Mama
  • Heartbreak Hotel
  • Love Me
  • Baby What You Want Me To To
  • Trying To Get To You
  • Blue Suede Shoes
  • When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
  • Blue Christmas
  • Tiger Man
  • Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  • Are You Lonesome Tonight
  • One Night
  • Memories
  • und viele andere mehr...