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Las Vegas Show

During the years 1969/70 began the series of concerts, among others in the International-Hotel (now Las Vegas Hilton) in Las Vegas, that made the king more popular than ever. His shows were sold out all over America, the video and audio live recordings sold millions. Up until his death in 1977, Elvis came out with a new show every year, the best ones were probably in the years 1970/72.

Rusty Live in Las Vegas - Samples
  Zarathustra/C.C. Rider
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  All Shook Up
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  I´ve Lost You
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  Walk A Mile In My Shoes
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  In The Ghetto
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  Suspicious Minds
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  I Just Can´t Help Believin´
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  Don´t Cry Daddy
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  Welcome To My World
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  Heartbreak Hotel
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  Hound Dog
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  It´s Now Or Never
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  Johnny B. Goode
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  Can´t Help Falling in Love / 
  Closing Vamp
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Rusty and his band tie their show 'The King Lives' in with these tremendously successful years. Striving for an authentic show in every way possible and to insure that the original sound is produced, the rhythm group not only plays the original live arrangements but uses the same instruments that were played by Elvis' band, these are:

  • Stagemanager & Tenor - Slide 
  • Lead Guitar - John Cudmore
  • Rhythm Guitar - Gerry G. 
  • Bass - Alistar Hill
  • Piano - Henry the Pink Shark
  • Keyboards - Lazlo
  • Drums - Peter Burell
  • Choir - Kathy Lynn, Angie LeBeque, Priscilla Brasko
  • 1st Trumpet - Andrew Majors
  • 2nd Trumpet - Andy Tullamore
  • Saxophone - Mandy Man
  • Slide Trompone - Bob Heatman

The band consists of 12 musicians...

The band consists of 12 musicians (2 ladies, 10 gentlemen). With this line-up, Rusty and his band are able to present all those well beloved songs. Representative for the many others, a few are mentioned here:

  • C. C. Rider
  • Johnny B. Goode
  • Teddy Bear
  • All Shook Up
  • Don´t Be Cruel
  • Love Me Tender
  • Jailhouse Rock
  • Suspicious Minds
  • Proud Mary
  • In The Ghetto
  • Help Me
  • Heartbreak Hotel
  • It´s Now Or Never
  • My Way
  • Hound Dog
  • Polk Salad Annie
  • Can´t Help Falling In Love
  • You Don´t Have To Say You Love Me
    usw. ...

Dim Lights. A weak spotlight is focussed on the microphone and guitar on the centre stage. Quietly, as if far away, then rapidly growing closer and becoming ever more present, the first beats of Richard Wagner's "Also Sprach Zarathustra" resound, not unlike an approaching thunderstorm. The chills-producing theme of this magnificent opus marked the start of every Elvis concert. Just as the music mercilessly reaches its peak, a brilliant chord relieves the grim, almost menacing mood, and, abruptly finishing the orchestral part, leads into a furious drum solo. At the same moment, bright spotlights flood the stage; the band goes wild, until finally he climbs the stage in best Elvis manner, courting to his ecstatic audience. He grabs the microphone, strikes a pose and starts singing: "I said see, C.C. Rider, said see what you have done..." Now everyone can feel it: It's truly him! Voice, outfit, face, hair, moves, music, sound, simply everything - The King is back, The King Lives - "RUSTY".

After this furious intro, hit is followed by hit: 17 songs in the first part of the show, 17 songs in the second, each better known and more popular than the last, songs that span throughout Elvis' whole career. Rusty, a walking and talking encyclopaedia when it comes to his idol Elvis, tells stories about the king, historical facts and anecdotes about his life. Dramaturgy, light and stage directions, costumes and musical arrangements all contribute to the success of the show.

Then the Grand Finale: "My Way", that well-loved and often listened to tune which never fails to get under the listeners skin, followed by 3 encores. Just as in the original Elvis shows, "Can't Help Falling In Love" finally brings this extraordinary 180-minutes show to its end.

"Rusty - The King Lives"